Abrams Clinic Advocates for Energy Justice in Detroit: COVID-19 Heightened the Need for Affordable, Reliable Energy—and the Clinic Responded

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Law Students Share Personal Stories of Resilience through Bridges

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Law School Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

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M. Todd Henderson

Henderson and Lund: Index Funds Are Great for Investors, Risky for Corporate Governance

American investors are increasingly acting on the realization that a broad-based indexing strategy is superior to investing in individual stocks or actively managed funds. That’s great news for inv...

William M. Landes

Posner and Landes: Justices Save the Big Rulings Until the End

June is known as the month for weddings — and for blockbuster U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Tom Ginsburg

Huq and Ginsburg in Vox: "How to Lose a Constitutional Democracy"

Scholars used to argue that democracy, once attained in a fairly wealthy state, would become a permanent fixture. As the late Juan Linz put it, democracy would become “the only game in town.” That ...

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